Co-Pastor Elena Robertson

COCONUT OIL The Quintessential Beautifier

Got coconut oil? Chances are coconut oil is somewhere in your house!  Is your bathroom cabinet full of butters, creams and other homemade concoctions, then you likely have no clue where the coconut oil is! Then again, you may know exactly where it is; hidden behind the olive, canola or vegetable oils in your kitchen pantry.  Where ever it is, grab it and make space for it on your bathroom counter with your other staple beauty products.  Coconut oil is beneficial for almost everything related to your beauty regimen.

Skin. We all love fragranced lotions and body scrubs, but you may have noticed not all of them moisturize and lubricate the skin well. For example, you could lotion up the heels of your feet before leaving the house, but by lunchtime look like you’ve been kicking flour! The reason being, two of the most common ingredients found in a majority of lotions and body creams are mineral oil and petroleum, neither of which can be absorbed into the skin.  Ingredients in most lotions do not penetrate the skin, but rather sit on top of it. By just “sitting” on the skin, it can easily evaporate or be wiped away. Unlike mineral oil and petroleum, coconut oil seeps into the skin lubricating it from within. Pair it with other products and natural oils to give your skin a luminous healthy glow. You can even use it under your fragranced lotions and creams. Worried about the smell? Use refined instead of unrefined/organic coconut oil if you do not want the smell to interfere with other fragrances.  With colder weather it can also be used to soften chapped lips and dry, hardened cuticles.

Hair. When it comes to healthy hair, there are several natural oils to choose from; and you could quickly get overwhelmed which typically leads to just picking one to “try out.” Well ladies, coconut oil is definitely the first one you want to grab! Coconut oil has a very unique quality that enables it to penetrate the hair shaft. So if you were to put a strand of hair under a microscope that was treated with water and coconut oil, you’ll find water and oil actually INSIDE the hair shaft (under the cuticle layer of the hair strand). This is what you want! Most other ingredients and oils do not have this quality. Use coconut oil by itself or pair with other natural oils to lubricate the hair after moisturizing.  Not only will you give your hair a little extra sheen; but, the oils help to lock in moisture. This will keep your hair from drying out as quickly, leading to healthier, shinier hair. (Refer to January/February 2016 issue of WOW Magazine for more information about moisturizing hair).

Makeup and Facials. How much money have you spent on facial creams and scrubs? Makeup removers? Don’t care to share? It’s okay – we understand! Some of us spend hundreds and even thousands of dollars looking for the best anti-aging formulas.  And let’s not forget about our favorite waterproof mascara that we’ve developed a love-hate relationship with! You know the one you only put on for church on Sundays because you don’t want mascara running down your face after a life-changing encounter with God. Just try some coconut oil!

When used as a makeup remover, simply massage a small dollop onto the face in a circular motion until your entire face is covered, then wipe away with a soft warm towel or baby wipe. Then, to remove the mascara use your fingers or a Q-tip to gently rub the oil over the eyelashes; (let it set for one minute if yours are particularly stubborn) then simply wipe with a warm towel. That mascara doesn’t stand a chance! Once all makeup is removed mix aloe vera juice, jojoba oil and sugar with coconut oil for an exfoliating facial leaving your skin soft and smooth.

Coconut oil is truly the quintessential beautifier that can be utilized in a variety of ways. A quick google search can give you some great ideas for products you already have at home for a fraction of the price of the manufactured stuff! While researching, be sure to check out some other amazing benefits of coconut oil in and around the house such as, furniture polishing, caring for your pets, weight loss and so much more!