L. Smith Testimonial

With my children in tow, I arrived at the Treasure Wythe Inn, in the process of putting my life together after almost ten years of marriage. With all the courage I could muster, I faced a future with no idea of how to get to a place of independence. After a year long stay with family, my children and I were blessed with the opportunity to reside at TWI. For at least the next year I knew we would be stable. TWI provided more than physical shelter. It was a cocoon of peace. We were able to learn, grow, and heal with the help of mentors and coaches journeying alongside us, encouraging us with each step. The mentorship included a team of ladies who tended to our spiritual and emotional needs, provided financial guidance, and keeper of the home planning. All without the day-to-day demands of maintaining a home. The Treasure Wythe Inn provided more than a hand out. Instead, I was graced with a hand up for me to find my footing and continue my journey!