Welcome to The Adult Women

W.O.W. is an acronym meaning Women Of the Word. WOW is a help’s ministry which presents the Word of God to women of all ages in a manner that it can be applied in their lives to obtain victory so they can be all that God has intended for them to be.

Women Of the Word Women’s Ministry Mission

We will teach and train women to be doers of the Word of God

We will encourage and provoke women to:


  • Have an intimate relationship with God
  • Increase their inner man
  • Build themselves up in their most holy faith


  • Have the mind of Christ
  • Get wisdom, knowledge and understanding


  • Be whole in their physical bodies
  • Be in good health

We will nurture women through fellowships in and outside the church setting.

We will help women to discover and fulfill their purpose according to God’s plan (Jeremiah 29:11).

We will teach, train, and provoke women to have a lifestyle of excellence, and to infuse “WOW” experiences in whatever they do with God, family, church and career.

Contact Information

Lead Overseer Trina Davis