Network Support

Co-Pastor Elena has a sincere passion for ministering to women holistically; spirit, soul, and body. God has given her a heart to see women operate at their maximum potential by equipping them with the resources to walk in their divine destiny. With an emphasis on unlocking the treasure within, the Women of the Word (WOW) conferences and monthly fellowships are faith-filled encounters where women receive a practical and relevant Word for victorious living. In this hour, God is looking for vessels that can be used to lose the shackles of bondage and set the captives free. Our emphasis for women’s ministry is largely influenced by Jesus’ words to Peter in Luke 22:32, “when you are converted strengthen the brethren.” The infrastructure of WOW consists of a variety of ministries led by women who have overcome and have chosen to use their testimonies and experiences to help others walk in the victory.


Our purpose is to encourage, support and mentor women called to the ministry within Mt. Gilead by providing opportunities for education, fellowship and enrichment. We desire to provide networking opportunities through the following Network Support Ministries that will enable you to connect and share insights with others. In doing so we hope to develop an authentic community where like-minded women can build meaningful relationships that enable them to fulfill the roles to which God called them. When you are ready, click on one of the links on the right to connect with one of the support ministries

Lead Overseer: April O’Garro