SOS Care

SOS Care is an extension of the women’s ministry that provides childcare for children up to age 10 during various ministry functions. SOS Care encourages young ladies ages 11-18, that have a desire to help nurture the gifts within younger children to become trained childcare providers for services rendered in and outside of the church. This program is a mentoring and training program. It teaches young girls to have a servant’s heart and be prepared for the work force with Out of this world customer service.

As a result of their participation, the young ladies are provided with opportunities to participate in mentorship and outreach activities. Throughout the year, the childcare providers are scheduled to serve during fellowships, such as:

  • WOW Fellowship
  • SOS Moms
  • Singles Fellowship
  • Marriage Ministry

Funds collected from the events are distributed to the childcare providers scheduled to serve, as a means to help them earn additional income.

Overseer Christina Jones